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This is what was put in the church news about my mom and dad when we were called to serve our mission in July 2012.

Chad Read Wilkinson, 47, and Allison Marie Wilkinson, four children, Saratoga Springs 4th Ward, Saratoga Springs Utah Stake. Brother Wilkinson is a stake president and is a former high councilor, bishop, Young Men president and missionary in the Dominican Republic Mission. Assistant administrator, Seminaries and Institutes. Born in Murray, Utah, to Joseph William and Clytie Wilkinson.

Sister Wilkinson serves as a Primary teacher and is a former counselor in a Young Women presidency, enrichment leader, Primary music leader, counselor in a special needs Mutual, Sunday School teacher and Relief Society teacher. Born in Provo, Utah, to Gary Douglas and Carolyn Marie Ford.

This is a picture taken June 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Elder Ballard had just set apart my mom as a Full Time Missionary & my Dad as President of the San Jose Costa Rica Mission.

My Grammie, Carolyn Ford, Andrew & Ginger Ford & Mark & Julie Wilkinson were able to join us for the setting apart.

Let me tell you what is Not Included:

Information about US - the Children!! 

Mary- She is 17 and will finish her high school career as a Senior here in Costa Rica. She was a varsity golfer for Westlake High School in Utah - 3 years (there are no golf teams here in Costa Rica - so she golfs with Dad and Joseph)  She is also The University of Utah's Football teams BIGGEST fan. Mary loves sports but she mainly loves football. She play's the violin and piano and loves watching College football with her dad.

Emma- She is 14 years old and is starting her freshman year in Costa Rica. She is a beautiful cellist and pianist. She loves to read and has read just about anything she can get her hands on :). She really loves old movies (actually most movies in general). She loves playing softball (though she has never been on a team).

Joseph & Eliza are Twins!

Eliza- She is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. She loves to dance and is amazing, she also loves to sing and has a beautiful voice - singing is a natural talent for Eliza. She also enjoys reading and of course talking to and laughing with the Elders and Hermanas.

Joseph- He is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. . He loves to play any sport and is especially good at Basketball, football and track/running. Joseph is Funny! He also enjoys being able to create/build things from stilts to bug catchers. He loves being able to hang out with the Elders - they come and get Joseph to workout each morning at 6:00AM

The missionaries are the highlight of our life here is Costa Rica.  When we are with them, we feel Happy and Safe.

We have the best missionaries in the entire world.


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